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Professional Hair Cutting Thinning Scissor Barber Shears Hairdressing Scissor Stainless Steel 6.5″ Inch 1802



Professional Hair Cutting Thinning Scissor Barber Shears Hairdressing Scissor Stainless Steel 6.5″ Inch 1802
Professional Hairdressing Thinning Barber Scissor
Scissors Sizes : 6.5″ inch
Material : Stainless Steel (J2-420) 
Convex Razor edge sharp blades, true hollow ground.
Designed to Cut Hair Smoothly and evenly without causing any distress to the hands and fingers.
Made with Highest grade of Stainless steel for professional use.
Hand made with high quality  J2-420 Japanese Stainless Steel.
Comfortable & stylish offset design with curved finger

Rubberized Removable Gel Finger Inserts provide Superior Grip, Comfort, and Precision
Ultra Light Featherweight
Convex, Hollow Ground Blade
Honed Razor Ultra Sharp Edges – No Pushing or Folding of Hair
Made of High Quality Stainless Steel unlike others that claim to be!
Polished to a High Mirror Finish Luster of Fine Jewelry
Professional Grade Salon Shears Guaranteed!

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