Engraving Damascus Folding Knives

Online Buy Engraving Damascus Folding Knives Available Here. Damascus Folding Knife is a unique product in the market. It is a pocket knife that is used for self-defense purposes. Damascus Blade is the hallmark of Damascus Steel. Damascus Blade is only used by knife manufacturers for the customized knives. Custom knife makers have started using Damascus blades to make unique style knife handles.

This Damascus Pocket Knife is a true work of art. The blade has Damascus Steel, and the handle is intricately hand-engraving to celebrate your special design. Our team will go to the lengths of engraving steel for your knives, and the brass handle is lovely to look at.

Damascus steel is a special type of steel that has alternating layers of different metals. The core Damascus steel is hardened and tempered to extreme hardness and sharpness for sharpness that does not diminish even if used over and over again. The Damascus steel on the blade and grip is made with steel made from an alloy of iron, carbon, and cobalt, giving this knife a highly charismatic appearance.


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