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Damascus Knives Shop, a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Damascus Knives and Damascus Steel Blades, also specializes in hunting knives and leather tools for blade honing and leather tool case rolls. Situated in Wazirabad city, globally recognized for its expertise in crafting Damascus knives, Damascus Knives Shop has been in operation since 2002. Our commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience to our esteemed customers is unwavering. With a spacious 350-square-foot storage facility in Wazirabad, Pakistan, we cater to customer service, and order fulfillment, and serve as the operational headquarters for our esteemed product range. At Damascus Knives Shop, we offer more than just ordinary collectibles. Our extensive product line boasts thousands of custom knives, fantasy collectibles, and much more, ensuring a diverse selection for our valued customers.

About Us! Our products are crafted with a hand-forged Damascus blade, meticulously composed of 1095 and 15N20 high carbon steel. The steel is expertly folded five times, resulting in a mesmerizing twist pattern consisting of 288 layers. This intricate construction ensures exceptional durability, making our blades shatterproof and capable of withstanding the most demanding hunting tasks. Offering the finest quality products at wholesale prices. Explore our extensive range of items and take advantage of our efficient delivery services through DHL Express.

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Our objective is to guarantee the implementation of an innovative approach in the process, improvement, and passion towards fulfilling the demands of our esteemed clients. We have established a defined time frame to ensure timely delivery of consignments. Our products are exported worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Australia, and various European countries.

We Feel Pride In Apprising That We Are The Fourth Generation In Knives Making. The Experience Over These Years With the Employment Of Modern Machines And Tools Has Enabled Us To Retain Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

Here, you can find a wide range of Damascus knives available for online purchase. Our collection includes Damascus hunting knives, Damascus kitchen knives, Damascus folding pocket knives, Damascus axes, Damascus swords, Damascus dagger knives, Damascus Bowie knives, and the remarkable Damascus Amazing Bowie Knife. Additionally, we offer Damascus blank blades for both kitchen and hunting purposes, as well as a Damascus billet-making knife. Explore our selection and choose the perfect Damascus knife for your needs.

The services utilized for delivery were DHL Express Online Tracking Number, which allows for tracking of the shipment through the DHL Online Tracking System. The estimated delivery time for the United States is 3-5 working days, while for other countries it is 5-7 working days.

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