Damascus Folding Blank Blade

Buy High-quality Damascus Folding Blank Blade knives that are custom-made by hand and offer many different styles and designs. Compact and easy to carry and use daily. Bring the best knives for customers who need more than just a pocket knife. For everyday use knives, back locks, liner locks, were used in our folding knives. Customized to suit your needs and uniquely designed with our customers in mind.

Affordable knife, compact and durable, and strong for everyday use. The tough portable folding knives are a truly amazing sight.

Damascus Pattern Knives

In addition, we offer Damascus Steel blades in many patterns such as raindrop, twist, fire, ladder, and feather tie name some Therefore whatever your needs are we sell both WHOLESALE & RETAIL SALES to customers that need more quantity

In conclusion visit Damascus Folding Blank for all your Handmade Custom  Knives needs. We bring quality to the top of our priority and make all our knives with our customer’s needs in mind.


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