Handmade Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife With Wangi Wood Handle

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Damascus Kitchen Knives

Damascus Kitchen Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife With Wangi Handle With Leather Sheaths 3155

Custom Handmade & Forged Damascus Kitchen Knife…


Overall Length: 10.50 ”  INCHES
Blade Length:  6.00″ INCHES
Handle Length: 4.50″  INCHES
Pattern: Twist Special
Handle: Excellent Combination Of  Wangi Wood With Stainless steel brass Handle
Handmade Leather Sheath included


This knives has Twist Pattern Damascus Steel Blades Having Sharp Edges for Cutting…
The Blade is Made By 1095,1043/15N20 Hand forged to Beautiful Pattern.
Damascus Steel of this Knife has High Quality Contents to Give an Excellent Edge and Sharp Cutting Abilities.
Hardness of the blade of this Knife is HRC 58-60 Sharpened to a Sharp Edge.

Quality :

This Damascus Kitchen Knife is Brand new, hand crafted by the team of Damascus Knives Shop (Pakistan). Damascus Kitchen Knives are hand forged and finished to ensure stunning beauty. Damascus steel is a unique material that is known for its incredible toughness. The Damascus steel is folded over and hammered which then shapes the blade into an intricate web of microscopic ridges, making it extremely strong and sharp. The Damascus Steel is then hand forged, heat treated, and finished with natural oil. These knives are suited for any kitchen or culinary application. Makers guarantee their quality.

The Damascus Kitchen Knife is finely crafted from Damascus steel. Each blade is carefully tempered and after an ingenious drilling process, is raised with a beveled edge. This blade is perfect for slicing and chopping food with ease. The elegant Damascus steel blade would also make a perfect edition for any kitchen. Add this breathtaking Damascus Kitchen Knife to your collection today.

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