Damascus Kukri Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife With Bone Handle 2065

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Damascus Kukri Knives

Damascus Kukri Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Kukri Knife with Bone Handle 2065

Custom 100% Handmade Fixed Blade Damascus Kukri Knife


Overall Length: 12.00” INCHES
Blade Length:  7.00″ INCHES
Handle Length: 5.00″  INCHES
Pattern: Ladder
Handle Material: Excellent Combination Of Bone With Brass Handle
Handmade Leather Sheath included


This knife has Ladder Pattern Damascus Steel Blades Having Sharp Edges for Cutting…
The Blade is Make By 1095/15N20 Hand forged to a Beautiful Pattern.
Damascus Steel of this Knife has High-Quality Contents to Give Excellent Edge and Sharp Cutting Abilities. This Knife Blade Hardness is 58-60 to a Sharp Edge.

Quality :

This Damascus Knife is Brand new, handcrafted by the team of Damascus Knives Shop (Pakistan). The attention to detail is out of this world. This Knife is well-balanced and has an excellent grip, creating a natural weight and feel when held. What makes Damascus Knives Shop unique is that no two pieces are alike; each knife is carefully designed, carved, and hand-made into a breathtaking work of art.

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1 review for Damascus Kukri Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife With Bone Handle 2065

  1. Lexherman (verified owner)

    Very nice made knife. It was sharp. It was delivered to my very fast by DHL. There is big difference in feel if you compare this handmade knife to the industrial made knifes you can buy in the west. In this knife you still see the craftmanship.

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