Custom Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe with Beautiful Ash Wood Handle 3153


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Online Selling Custom Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe with Beautiful Ash Wood Handle 3153

Custom Handmade Carbon Steel Medieval Viking Axe…


Handle Length = 17.50″ Inches
Blade Material = Carbon Steel on Etching
Axe Blade Length = 6.00″ Inches
Blade Cutting Edge = 4.00″ Inches
Axe Weight = 1.25 Kg
Handle : Beautiful Ash Wood …
Include Free Leather Sheath

Etching: I use a method of etching metal in salt water to put drawing on Axe

Ash Wood: The Wood combines strength, flexibility and texture. The wood is selected carefully not for its texture, but also for the location of the wood so that the Axe handle is not only harmoniously looked, but also strong enough. The handle of the Axe is covered with oil with hard wax, Emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood. The extra strength to the handle of the Axe.

The Axe is Sharp and battle-ready. The Axe is suitable for felling Wood, Hatchet Firework, etc.

Custom Orders: Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe also comes with custom Engraving, Etching and Craving having high is fully usable tool. We also provide custom made Axes as well as Hand-Forged Axe with the Leather wrap on the handle. Handmade Axe head with craving Pattern. Shaft treated with oil. I will considered any of your suggestions in the custom order . As you understand they cannot be absolutely similar to the one you see in the pictures due to the different wood texture etc, but QUALITY REMAINS!

I can reproduce on the blade the symbol, image, Runes etc. That Inspires you most. You decide what to etch on the blade.

Care Instructions : Steel, due to the presence of carbon, has good cutting properties but is highly susceptible to corrosion. After using the product . be sure to wipe the moisture from the steel and lubricate it with oil.

We Care : Quality is our Priority.

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