Damascus Axe

Handmade Damascus Steel Solid Axe – Our Damascus Hatchet is made by us at our factory in Pakistan from 100% heat-treated and tempered steel sourced. Our technique is absolutely perfect and is the highest quality Damascus in the world. We offer different Hatchet blade designs to suit everyone’s individual needs. Whether you’re a collector, warrior, survivalist, or looking for a new camp project. Our Damascus blade has a razor sharp edge and a durable, hard wearing durable blade.

Damascus Steel, stainless steel. Custom Damascus Hatchet are sold with different handle materials. handles can be wood handles like rosewood handled, Find axe with different Damascus hand forged Steel.

Hunting Hatchet Axe’s

In conclusion visit Damascus Knives Shop for all your Handmade Fishing Camping Knives needs. We bring quality to the top of our priority and make all our knives with our customers needs in mind. Custom Handmade Hatchet knife

This Hatchet Knife is Brand new, hand crafted by the team of Damascus Knives Shop (Pakistan). The attention to details is out of this world. This Hatchet is well balanced and has an excellent grip, creating a natural weight and feel when held. What makes Damascus Knives Shop unique is that no two pieces are alike; each knife is carefully designed, carved, and hand made into a breath taking work of art.

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